Home Hardware:

Welcomes Shoppers with New LED Lighting

Home Hardware is Canada’s largest independent home improvement retailer.  With a history going back over 140 years it has seen a lot of change and has been continuously upgrading products and facilities to meet the demands of the customer.

The most recent improvement has been the upgrade in lighting to LED technology.  LED is much more energy efficient and requires minimal maintenance over many years.  It also offers better control of light quality and operation. 

Nexstar was recently selected to upgrade the lighting in the Pierrefonds and I’ile-Perrot stores in Quebec with premium efficiency fixtures. 

The Pierrefonds store is the larger with 15,000 ft2 of retail space.  This location selected the 8ft strip fixture with frosted lens mounted at a 45o angle to the front entrance to replace end to end rows of fluorescent lighting.  The change created a dramatic change to the store appearance and the shoppers noticed the improvement immediately.  Light levels were also increased by up to 40% and even with this increase the project payback was under 2.0 years.  Hydro Quebec provided an incentive that covered almost 25% of the total cost.