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Lighting Audits

A Lighting Audit is the starting point for all new projects. In this process our experienced personnel visit the facility to gather as much information as possible. This includes all the physical information such as square footage of the facility, ceiling height, type of equipment in use in the various areas. It also includes a detailed discussion with the owner to determine what they hope to achieve with improvements through the lighting project upgrade.

The Result

The result of the audit is a detailed list of the type and quantity of the existing fixtures, the physical characteristic and special notes about unique situations than need to be considered. There is also a section of what the owner is hoping to achieve. This audit report is the starting point for our technical team to develop our recommendations for the new lighting system.

Building Audit

A Building Audit is the first step in the process of becoming energy efficient. The entire process is undertaken by our professional technicians and engineers who work in coordination to complete this process. The same approach is used for an industrial facility, an office space or multi-residential building. The objective is to optimize the energy efficiency and operating cost while providing the required lighting quality, through assessing energy usage in the entire facility.

Lighting Design

Our technical team comprising of technicians and professional engineers are experts in Lighting Design. Once a Lighting Audit has been completed at the client’s facility, recommendations are made for each individual fixture to ensure the optimum mix of energy efficiency, light quality, capital cost and maximum use of financial incentives from the utility.

Our design team has access to a wide range of products including T5/T8, LED, Induction and eHID. Each of these products has a full line of fixture options designed various applications – offices, retail, warehouse, industrial and exterior.

Complex Applications

Our design team will select the best solution for your specific requirements. For more complex applications our technical design team can develop a computer model with industry leading AGI-32 software. This avoids the limitations in design of having to re-use existing fixture placements. Each facility has its own unique requirements. With this software the design can be optimized before parts are ordered and installation begins.

Government Incentives

Implementation of a new lighting project already provides a great return on investment where result can range as high as 50-90% energy and maintenance cost savings.

But did you know that electrical utilities in many jurisdictions offer financial incentives to make the ROI even better?

Incentives can contribute up to 50% of the project capital cost.

We Even Do the Paperwork!

Incentive programs can be an administrative hassle. But with Nexstar Lighting, our experienced team will prepare the application on your behalf and manage the communication with your utility. You only need to review and submit to the utility.

Electrical Solutions

Installation: Complete Electrical Solutions

Our Electrical Installation team provides complete electrical solutions to our clients. We provide comprehensive electrical installation services in both existing and new buildings.

Step 1: Pre-Install Inspection

Our service starts with the pre-install inspection to identify specific requirements and precautions. All materials are ordered and then the client is advised of the projected delivery date.

Step 2: Schedule Installation Date

When all material has been received in-house the client is advised and potential installation dates are discussed. Our installation crew can perform the required work at a time of your choice– such as overnight or weekends – at no additional cost.

Step 3: Installation

The service includes all aspects of the installation including, disposal of existing equipment – both conventional and hazardous, all man lifts as required, Electrical Safety permit / inspection, clean up and a final walkthrough with the client to make sure everything is completed to their satisfaction.


In order to fulfil the varied requirements of our clients beyond the Lighting Audit, Engineering Services are provided to a wide range of clients in different market segments since 2000.


Our Engineering Services can help your company reduce energy usage, reduce operating costs and improve overall energy efficiency.

The range of engineering services includes energy audits, analysis, feasibility studies and monitoring & verification. Our services also help companies prepare for the ISO 9000, 14000, and 50001 standard on Energy Management.


Nexstar Lighting holds a Certificate of Authorization issued by Professional Engineers Ontario.


We understand that sometimes the current budget does not allow for capital expenditure even with an excellent return on investment.

Nexstar Lighting can work with you to arrange for the necessary financial plan that suits the specific circumstances to allow your project to move ahead.

Contact our office for more information on the Pay with Savings financing options.