Etobicoke Co-op Multi Residential

Lighting Project Case Study


Nexstar Lighting has been providing multi-residential LED Lighting retrofits for 10+ years, from high-rise buildings to smaller apartment complexes. This experience allows us to provide a wide variety of lighting options from straight retrofit direct replacement and line voltage LED tubes for a highly cost-effective energy savings plan; To the supply and installation of brand-new LED fixtures implementing todays most up-to-date technologies. This Etobicoke Co-operative decided their needs would require both options to maximize their ROI.

As all buildings have a uniqueness when it comes to their lighting needs, this installation included a high volume of hidden valance lighting in hallways and common areas. Because the esthetic of the existing fixtures was hidden from view, this customer decided on the LED line-voltage lamps to replace existing T8 and T12 lighting. This allows for the removal of the existing fluorescent ballast and lamps to reduce the fixture load from approximately 30W (1L 4ft T8 standard bal-last factor) to 12.5W LED Line voltage Tube, no ballast required. Multiplied over 300 times on this site the savings become substantial, minimal labour is also required, making this the ideal scenario for a retrofit with LED tubes.

Hallway LED Upgrade:


Conversely, the parking garage fixtures had exposed linear lamps and the garage also requires a relatively high degree of illumination. In this case, the customer opted for the replacement of their existing fixtures with brand new LED strip fixtures. This location saw the existing fixtures (96W x 1L 8ft T12 fluorescent) ex-changed for a 34W LED strip fixture with motion sensor dimming capabilities. Again, the fixture count was relatively high (approx. 250) and because parking garages are operable 24/7, the energy savings are quite substantial.


Parking Garage Upgrade: 


    BEFORE                                                                                      AFTER

Nexstar Lighting takes pride in providing our customers with all the opportunities they require to achieve all possible energy savings. The ROI on the installation was well under 1 year, seeing total energy savings of over $38,000 annually. Nexstar also provides all necessary support for obtaining your government incentives, which currently pay DOUBLE incentives for Co-operative housing through their Social Adder program. If you want to save energy, take advantage of cur-rent government incentives, and improve the look and feel of your Co-op; Nexstar Lightings professional team can help you achieve your goals.

Nexstar Lighting has over 18 years experience in design and installation of energy efficient lighting and controls. Our services include licensed Professional Engineers and Electrical Contractors working with Industrial, Commercial and Multi Residential clients installing Smart Lighting Solutions coast to coast. Flexible Payment Terms and EMAP Services are available.


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